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In Linz, you can spend your free time as you please. The city of industry & business, media art & science looks back on a long tradition and today, as Europe’s Capital of Culture, is a pulsating center with historical charm and international flair. Once a Celtic settlement, then a Roman fort, in the 15th century the residential town of Emperor Frederick III and later the place of outstanding personalities. It was here that Johannes Kepler calculated the planetary orbits, it was here that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Anton Bruckner wrote great symphonies, and it was here that the important works of Adalbert Stifter were written. Embark on a journey through a unique city – we have collected some particularly recommended sights and cultural places in Linz for you:

Ars Electronica Center (15 min.): Virtual life and a look into the computer future.
Lentos Kunstmuseum (10-15 min.): The museum with its formally strict body of glass and exposed concrete, located directly on the Danube, shows modern contemporary art in addition to classical art.
Castle Museum (10 min.): The regional museum in the Renaissance castle shows regional collections.
Old Cathedral (5 min.): The Jesuit Church of St. Ignatius, built by Fr. F. Carlone, is the most impressive Baroque building in the city. Particularly noteworthy are the Krismann organ and the carved pews. Anton Bruckner worked here for ten years as cathedral organist.
Main square (3 min.): The 220 m long and 60 m wide square with the numerous baroque and rococo facades is one of the most beautiful hall squares in Central Europe. Numerous cafes invite you to linger.
Landhaus (1 min.): The Upper Austrian provincial government and parliament are based in a particularly beautiful Renaissance palace. The crest-decorated planetary fountain in the arcaded courtyard, where music is also played in the summer, is significant for its iconography.
New Cathedral (5 min.): The neo-Gothic basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the largest church in Austria, is reminiscent of Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral.
Pöstlingberg (30 min. by public transport): Europe’s steepest rackless railroad leads up Linz’s 537-meter-high local mountain with the Baroque pilgrimage church “Seven Sorrows of Mary.”

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